Wind Dial Farm

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Oswego, KS



Wind Dials Perfect Storm

Stormy or sometimes Stormado, Stormadbuster, Stormtastic she goes by several.  Stormy was born at a whopping 4 oz. which is about half the ideal birth weight for a corgi.  She had an incredible will to survive then but as she has grown up she has demonstrated a most spectacular zeal for life. She is the biggest clown ever but get her attnetion and she lays on the poise and charm.  You may hear breeders sometimes talk about heart dogs.  We love all our dogs but there are some that have a little something extra, the "it" factor, something special.  That would be my girl Stormy.  She is AKC pointed and OFA Hip Prelims Good, Eyes Normal, Cardiac Normal, Patellas Normal, vWD Clear by DNA and DM Carrier.