We are working on some photo format updates and some slideshows on Ladies and Gentlemens pages haven't been updated yet and may not be viewable. We also do not have some of the available pups on the Available puppies page yet as we spend time trying to update other pages. So if you have a seen a pup thats available but isn't listed on this website, may be that we just haven't made it that far yet so please fill out a Contact Us form and ask.  We're basically under going some site construction along with getting some updated pictures of the adults.  It all takes time.



Welcome to the Wind Dial Farm website, we are Derrick and Candace Longan.  We enjoy raising quality Pembroke Welsh Corgis.  We are professional hobby breeders which means we take pride in crafting the next special member of your family in a professional but hands on enviroment.  Our professional and dedicated knowledgeand continually broadening knowledge to purebred dogs and Corgis spefically give our puppies an edge that can be hard to find. Dog breeding is an art and a science that we take seriously and not to be done without thought to what the final result might be.   We invest a great deal of time and resources into our ongoing research to better serve you and the breed.  I hope that through this website you learn more about us, our dogs, and that it helps extend our knowledge base to you.

  Wind Dial Farm is located in the south east corner of America's bread basket in a little town called Labette City, KS.   We welcome visitors but you MUST make a confirmed appointment.